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Follow this short explanation on continuous baling by Lely.


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Continuous Baling, to be continued

During the winter season the two Vermeer balers will continue making bales in Florida, US. The four machines that were placed with selected customers in Poland and the UK will be revised and updated with the latest software during the winter, thus preparing the balers for the new season.

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Continuous baler benefits

Top-quality feed depends directly on a consistently high density. That is why this baler always has full tension on the bales and never releases, squeezing the oxygen out from the very start until the bale is tied.

When a bale reaches its full size, it is transferred to the rear of the machine. At the same time a new bale is already beginning to form. That is why this is the only true Continuous Baling system.
The split functionalities in the bale chamber always enable you to have a bale in progress without the need for any buffer system. By eliminating stops, delays and waiting times the Continuous Baling concept makes a huge difference.

The baler is less dependent on the driver and his/her concentration to reach the maximum output. The automated mode simply controls the baler’s functionalities. Therefore continuous outputs of 110 to 130 bales an hour are realistic, even during long days.
No more constantly stopping, accelerating or rocking is a big relief for the tractor driver, especially during the long days of harvesting when the pressure is on. Continuous Baling makes the job much more pleasant.

Due to the smooth bale transfer and smooth ejecting of the bale, Continuous Baling is not noticeable in the tractor cab. The driver just concentrates on the field and the swaths in order to make perfect bales.

Continuous updates

We would like to take you along on our journey. We will share the experience, knowledge, performance and learning gained. Your feedback on Continuous Baling is valuable to us. Share this info with us here or via our social media networks.

For now, please watch our updates, clips and photos on baling. From next season onwards we will share information about continuous baling.